Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One of my favorites...

I was able to spend Sunday afternoon with the great A Family.  I love my sessions with them every year.  Once again, we have known each other since our oldest children were under one year old.  Since they are now in 2nd grade....it's been awhile!  It is so much fun to look back through the years and see this precious family grow.  I love the fact that I get to take generation pictures as well each year.  Since M is an only child, her parents come each year.  So, we get grandparent pictures and family pictures done at the same time.  It is fun and reminds me of what I do with my parents each year.  A Family, I hope you enjoy these.  There are SO many I love, but just picked a few of my favorites to put up here.  I will have them done soon and you can see the rest :)
 This was THE last picture of the session.  The kids (and adults) had it by this point.  They all turned the switch for one last picture, and it is one of my favorites of the day!

I truly enjoy spending my time with them each year.  Enjoy these previews.  I love the images we captured this afternoon.  I can't wait to share all of them with you!

Two growing girls...

I had the pleasure of spending Sunday morning with the B Family.  They found a great new location we tried out.  It was a fun morning chasing two beautiful girls around :)
B Family, I hope you like these previews.  I have a ton I am still working through, but want to keep some surprises!  Enjoy...

 Such a fun age for their little one, Miss A.  She is at the age where staying in one spot is not her thing!  It was a fun challenge to capture them together.  I think the more amusing thing would have been to take pictures of what we needed to do to get smiles from them at the same time! :)

This was such a great session and morning!  I love some of the moments we captured. I can not wait for you to see all of them!  Enjoy these!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family of Five

I was able to spend a great morning with the S Family yesterday.  It is so much fun to take their pictures year after year.  It is amazing that I have been capturing this family in the Fall since 2008!  Yikes, time has gone by way to quickly!  It was a perfect morning to be outside.  It was a little warm, but nothing too crazy for the Valley :)
There are so many pictures from this session I wanted to share.  But, I try to keep them under 10....just to keep a surprise for the family! I am glad we found a time this year to make the pictures work.  I hope you like these.  There are SO many more....but you will have to be surprised when they are done!  Enjoy

I am amazed at how these boys have grown up so quickly!  It seems like yesterday I was trying to find their birthmarks in the pictures to make sure I had the right child in the image.  Now, they are in school full time and so grown up!  Amazing how time flies!

 Looking at sweet S makes me realize (once again) how fast time flies by.  She and my daughter have been friends since before they were one!  They are far from that now.  It is wonderful to see how grown up and beautiful she has become :)

It was a great morning S Family.  Thanks for spending the time with me!  I will get the pictures to you soon...can't wait for you to see the rest of my favorites!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Two sweet kids...

I was able to spend the morning with the lovely H family.  We have known each other since our boys were little.  It was so fun to see them grow up together.  I have not seen them for months since they moved to a different town!  It was so sweet to spend time capturing the personalities of these two precious kids! 
It was a gorgeous morning with lovely cloud cover and neither too hot nor cold.  Could not ask for anything better!
 This little girl did everything she could to not let me capture her fun personality!  Luckily, I was quicker with snapping pictures than she thought I would be ;)
 The excitement was stepping on the ants or the "lavala".  They were done with me at this point, but tolerated me since they could play at the same time!  Whatever works is good with me!

 I truly can not believe how little this guy was when I first met him!  It is crazy how much he has grown up!

H Family, enjoy this little preview!  There are a ton more, but I like to keep my surprises! :)  It was so nice to catch up a little bit with you guys too.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The start of the season...

I absolutely LOVE starting my busy season with this family.  Not only are they good friends, but they are really creative.  It is always fun to come up with new ideas with them.  This is one of my favorite sessions with them.  It seemed like we were all on the same page and full of laughter and a lot of smiles ! That is a perfect session :)

 The sweetest thing about this mother daughter picture is that little Miss A asked for it.  Mom didn't ask for it, daughter did.  I love that she is feisty and full of spunk and energy...but wants to sit with momma for a picture!
 She wanted another picture with her brother as well....but would NOT look at me.  But, there is something simply beautiful about his arm around her in a casual yet protective way.  Simple beauty these two possess...

I truly love my sessions with this family.  It never feels like work.  It feels like a wonderful morning capturing them through images.  It is a joy to work with you all!  Enjoy these...there are SO many more that I love!  But...have to keep some surprises for you :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am so thankful for attending a wedding almost 3 years ago.  I got to meet a lot of my hubby's family at a wedding, including this lovely family.  Fast forward a few months from that and they are moving out here!  It is so nice to have more family (fairly) close to us!  We get to visit most of the times we head up North from the Valley.  When she asked if I would take their family pictures this past weekend, I was so excited!  I adore these 3 and to be able to capture them was just a joy.  M Family, I hope you love these.  There are more, but these are some of my favorites!  I should be finished with them soon and will get them in the mail to you.  Enjoy the preview though!
 I love a photo session when the first picture of the day turns out great!  It always bodes well for what is to come :)

 Sweet father and son!
 There is something about this moment.  It is such a sweet moment which was just not planned.  I don't know if A even knew I took a picture of this!  There is something so amazingly beautiful about the relationship a mother has with her children....
 Mr. G here does not like his picture taken.  He is an adorable goofball and normally runs away from cameras.  Somehow he doesn't run from me...but that does not take away his goof-ball nature.  One day, A and E will look at their grown son and not see as much of the goof-ball.  Hopefully some of these goofy pictures will remind them of these days...

 He has the most beautiful eyes.  I love them and the pure joy and love that come out of them!
I can't help but think of the fact that they are smiling/laughing because my children and their child are putting tree branches in my hair and on my head while I am taking these pictures.  Anything for a good picture...right?!
I hope you guys love these.  I had so much fun connecting with you through the camera!